School starts soon. Let the spending begin. Not only do I have back-to-school clothes shopping to worry about, I also have back-to-sports spending.

We have hockey and football players in the house. Every year it means new clothes AND new athletic gear -- shoes, skates, etc.

I sure wish Michigan would jump on the "tax holiday" bandwagon.

A majority of Americans like the idea of a "sales tax holiday" to help families with their back-to-school shopping. Nearly 60-percent of those taking part in a new Rasmussen Reports poll say they support the idea of offering a window in which sales tax isn't added onto the price of select purchases. Just 28-percent don't think it's a good thing to do, while 14-percent aren't sure on the matter. Only 18-percent say they would be less inclined to go shopping during a "sales tax holiday," while 52-percent admit they would take advantage of the opportunity to save a little. Just over a quarter of respondents say a sales tax suspension wouldn't affect their shopping habits.

Seventeen states offer "sales tax holidays," which typically range from two to seven days. Only select items are covered, and there are caps on the amounts people can spend. Some of the "sales tax holidays" aren't just for back-to-school shopping. Louisiana and Virginia, for example, offer tax holidays in May for those buying hurricane preparedness items.