Have you seen the effort to lower the legal drinking age. Back in the day, drinking age was 18. Then it moved to 19. Eventually, to 21 where it is today. Plenty of college age drinking back then. Pretty tough to do -- legally now. I bought my oldest son his first legal drink at exactly midnight when he turned 21. Funny, I think Steven had at least tasted alcohol prior. Should we reduce the drinking age to 18.

According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, 46-percent agree that the current drinking age of 21 is still appropriate, while 35-percent would like to see it lowered. However, these figures reflect a six-percent drop in the number of people who support keeping the drinking age at 21, and a four-percent increase among those who think alcohol should be made available to 18, 19, and 20-year-olds. Eight-percent feel the legal drinking age should be raised to 25, while five-percent would cut the drinking age to 16, and four-percent think alcohol should be deemed an illegal substance.

However, 50-percent believe the laws governing drunk driving are too lax. Just under 40-percent think they're "about right," and six-percent feel they're too strict. When it comes to enforcing these laws, Americans are split over giving first time offenders a second chance. While 44-percent like giving the judge the opportunity to treat each case individually, 43-percent feel mandatory sentences should be applied.