ArtPrize Pitch Night is May 30 at Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

Five artists will compete for $5,000 and a prime location at ArtPrize, the Gillett Bridge.

See the five finalists and vote for your favorite. 

The five finalists will each be given five minutes to present their idea to a live audience and jury.  By the end of the night the winner will be chosen.

The five entries include:


  • Broc Blegen's "A Moment to Community", a sculptural project using sandbags.
  • Perci Chester's "Squealies for Wheelies", an abstract work using polychrome, stainless steel, and automotive paint.
  • Yousif Del Valle's winding path of wooden crates.
  • Jennifer Newsom Carruthers and Thomas Benjamin Carruthers' video projection of the water under the Gillette Bridge onto five mirrored theaters.
  • Daniel Feinberg and Alexander Hanson's broken down Chevrolet Suburban covered by stairs.

These brief descriptions are just starting points.  Questions, answers, and debate will help decide the winner Thursday night.

I'm leaning towards the video projection or wooden crates proposals, so far.  Although the sandbags proposal would seem unfortunately appropriate this year.

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