Meijer has been an important part of West Michigan since 1934.  Today, there are over 190 Meijer stores across the Midwest.

Which Meijer store is your favorite?

Meijer recently announced a major remodel coming to the Knapp's Corner Meijer.  Maybe Knapp's Corner is already your favorite Meijer store.  If not, it could be soon.

My kids don't really have a favorite Meijer.  As long as we have some pennies to ride Sandy and we stop by the aquariums to look at the fish, they're happy.

For adults, many things go into choosing a favorite Meijer store.

  • How close is the store to your house?
  • What features does it have?
  • Is it a new store?
  • Does it have a Starbucks?!

Location and Starbucks are high on my list.  Living on the south side of town, I'm going with the Gaines Township Meijer as my favorite location.