College football is back and this season has the potential to be a great one for a few local favorites.

Michigan, Michigan State, and Notre Dame fans are all excited for the start of season, but who will be the most excited at the end of the season?

Who will finish the season ranked highest:  Michigan, Michigan State, or Notre Dame?




Michigan State is ranked #13.  They open the season at home at 8:00pm on Friday, August 31 against #24 Boise State.  A win by Michigan State would be a good first step towards a great season.

Notre Dame is ranked #26.  They open the season in a special match-up against Navy.  The game is being played in Ireland at 9:00am EST on Saturday, September 1.  Notre Dame is a 16 point favorite, but with the game being played in Ireland, who knows what could happen?  A loss to Navy would be a huge blow to Notre Dame's season.

Michigan is ranked #8.  They open the season at 8:00pm on Saturday, September 1 against #2 Alabama.  If Michigan pulls off the upset, expect national championship talk to begin.

Week 1 is big, but we'll know even more about these teams soon.

  • September 15 - Notre Dame plays at Michigan State.
  • September 22 - Michigan plays at Notre Dame.
  • October 20 - Michigan State plays at Michigan.

All three schools should be good this season.  It's going to be fun.

I see Michigan finishing the season ranked the highest.  Possibly top 5.  Definitely top 10.  And, of course, Denard will win the Heisman.