We've been having a lot of fun playing Christmas music on 100.5 The River!

For some, Christmas music isn't enough. It's time to get the tree up, too.

When do you put out your Christmas decorations?

Our snowy finish to fall has made it feel a little more like Christmas than it might usually at this point of the year.

At my house, we usually put our Christmas decorations out in early December. It looks like it's going to be Thanksgiving weekend this year.

It used to be later, but then we switched to an artificial tree, which makes getting everything out earlier a little simpler.

If there was ever a year when people might put out their lights sooner than usual, this might be the year. It feels like I've seen more pictures of trees up on Facebook and more Christmas lights while driving through neighborhoods than usual.

Whenever you decorate, remember to listen to 100.5 The River when you do!