Today is the day. Taxes are due. Even with a couple extra days, its not a lot of fun. Many of us are still waiting for a refund check. Is yours spent already?

What will you do with your tax refund. Three out of ten people taking part in an Experian poll say they'll be spending all, or most of the money, but 56-percent plan to keep a chunk of the cash they get back from the government. Just over half want to use the funds to bolster their savings, while 16-percent will be putting the money away specifically for a vacation. But a majority of the folks who anticipate spending the lion's share of their refund aren't simply planning a shopping spree. Just over 50-percent will use the money for practical things, with 32-percent saying it will help with everyday living expenses and 19-percent intending to pay down their credit card bills with the money. While some will get more and others less -- and some Americans will have to pay Uncle Sam -- the average refund this year is about three-thousand-dollars.