Going to be a little cooler today.....mid 70's. Maybe it'll give my refrigerator a break. It has been so hot, my kids are wearing out the fridge door. Open, close, open, close, etc. As if something new will materialize by magic. In our house, its ice water or ice water. What is your go-to summer drink.

With summer now in full swing, most people reach for a tall, cold glass of iced tea for a refresher. The chilled, brewed beverage is topping a FoodNetwork.com poll of favorite summer drinks, with 46-percent of the vote. Lemonade is taking a distant second place on the list, with half as many people -- 23-percent -- craving the tangy but sweet thirst quencher at this time of year. Beer is the third-most popular summer drink, and ranks as the beverage of choice among 14-percent. Eleven-percent beat the heat with a glass of sangria. Only six-percent cool down with a glass of iced coffee.