We've had a couple of hot days lately, but we're only getting started with summer.  Now that the kids are getting out of school we need a few easy ways to keep both them and ourselves cool.  Most of us can agree that popsicles are towards the top of that list.  As for agreeing on which color of popsicle is the best, that's a different story...

What is the best/worst color of popsicle?

This is a no-brainer for me.  Red is the best.  You'll usually end up with a cherry flavor when you have a red popsicle, but once in a while red is strawberry or watermelon.  Even on those occasions, I'll still take red as my first choice.  It's always the first to go at my house.

Orange is the worst.  When I was a kid nobody would ever touch any of the orange popsicles until ALL of the others were gone.  Given the choice between an ice cube or an orange popsicle, I think some of us would have chosen the ice cube.

I'm luckier today.  My 4-year-old likes orange the best.  He gets to eat all of them since no one else wants them.  I think every family should have at least one orange popsicle lover.