Andy and I are lucky. We get to play a lot of different golf courses with a lot of different players. I read several golf magazines -- for better or worse. One thing that comes up often, pace of play. Since our golf tour is usually mid-day Thursday, we are before leagues and after the morning rush, so pace of play isn't that much of an issue. What about you... slow play a problem where you play. Take the survey. Let us know what you think. My biggest pet peeve is the group playing behind look back and they have caught up with you and some idiot in their four-some is standing in the fairway with his arms folded, weight sifted on one hip -- as if to say "you guys suck, you are making me wait." As you know, in almost every case, the group in front of you effects you and the group behind. We have all been there. When I find myself in that situation, I try to swing a club facing the other direction, work on my flexibility....anything but annoy the group ahead of me. What do you think?