This video is going viral, and it should.  It's a pretty great thing a police officer does.

It happened just a couple of days ago, where a Texas police officer was patrolling the streets in the community of Rosenburg.  He noticed a young boy playing ball by himself and decided to do something about it.

The officer can be seen in a dash-camera video stopping his car and it appears he says a few words to the boy, who walks off screen.

The next thing you see is the kid running, attempting to catch the football the officer has just tossed for him. The child returns the ball to the officer, who then tosses the kid another pass.  Take a look.


The two are playing catch for a bit.  It's part of efforts by authorities to reach out young people in the community.

The footage of the incident is “spreading across social media.” It was initially posted to the Rosenberg Police Department’s Facebook page with the caption, “While a 2 minute game of football might not mean anything, to some it could mean everything!”