It's "Wet Nose Wednesday" on the morning show, and today it was fun with "furry critters."

Jen brought in two, 9-week old kittens to visit, and were they cute.  They're adoptable, of course, from a litter of 4.  The Humane Society recommends adopting at least two because cats love to have a friend. 

And, for that reason, they're running a 'cat special!'  Adopt one cat for $5 dollars and get the second one free.  No fooling.  It sounds like some fast-talking commercial, but the Humane Society wants to encourage multiple adoptions if possible, so the special is on.

Coming up in October, the Humane Society is sponsoring their "Howl 'n Boo" event at Celebration Cinema on Saturday October 20th.  There will be a private screening of the movie, "Frankenweenie" and so much more fun.  Here is a link (Howl 'n Boo) for all the information and ways to get tickets for the whole family.

As always, you can contact the Humane Society HERE for adoptions and information.  You can always call them at 616-453-8900.