It was a surprise to everyone, even the West Michigan Whitecaps' front office, when the Midwest League baseball team showed up on the big screen in the just-released "Anchorman 2."

Find out how it happened and where to watch for them.

A company shot some film of the Whitecaps a couple of years ago to use to sell to movie studios for use in films. That video is in "Anchorman 2." has more:

Keith Roelfsema, the promotions manager for the Whitecaps, said it was a surprise to him to find out his team was in the film.

Roelfsema said, “There was a company that came out a couple years ago and did some B-roll shooting of baseball games to sell movies for this exact scenario.  So then we contacted our guy and he said the movie was under a different name so we had no idea it was that movie and then the rest is history.”

Watch for the Whitecaps in a sports highlight segment during the film with fictional sportscaster Champ Kind (played by David Koechner).

Stay classy, Grand Rapids.

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