Saw this on our news and weather partner, WZZM 13 earlier today.

The 15th Annual West Michigan Economic Outlook took place in GR this week and the outlook for jobs is pretty good in our area. Not huge amounts, but even 1.2% or 1.6% in the next two years is better than many places.

From WZZM13:

Greater Grand Rapids can expect job growth next year of 1.2% and 1.6% in 2014.   That forecast was delivered Thursday to area business and community leaders at the 15th annual West Michigan Economic Outlook.

The numbers come from economist George Erickcek, the senior regional analyst for the Upjohn Institute.   Erickcek said the job growth in west Michigan, and the state as a whole will be "powered by manufacturing", especially in the auto sector.

Erickcek also reported that wages were declining across the board.   He told WZZM 13: "Usually at this time in a recovery we would see a decrease in use of temporary employment services. We have not - which means that I still think employers are still uncertain about where the economy is going - still uncertain if whether they really do need that extra shift,  and with that uncertainty they are being very picky about who they're hiring."