Where are your favorite out of the way places. As I have mentioned many times, I enjoy taking the back roads. Sure, I want to get where I am going, but I like to see things...people, places and imagine what travel would have been like pre-freeway. Saturday, I had a meeting at The Rose Golf Course in LeRoy, Michigan. LeRoy is one of those small towns that most of us never visit. Only a couple hundred people live there and it is well off the freeway. So, other than seeing the freeway exit for LeRoy on your 131 drive to Cadillac, you wouldn't have much cause to stop. I did. LeRoy is like a page out of yesterday...even farther back than yesterday. Old fashioned wood-floor hardware and check out the general store. I was caught in the irony of this 100 year old store and the new Escalade parked in front.