Tuesday, August 7, was election day in Michigan.

Elections for U.S. Senate, Congressional Districts, and State House grabbed many of the headlines, but there were also many votes at the township and county level.

Results are in.

Some notable races include:




  • Pete Hoekstra's win in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate.
  • Fred Upton's win in the Republican Primary for the 6th Congressional District.
  • Steve Pestka's win in the Democratic Primary for the 3rd Congressional District.
  • The race between Roy Schmidt and Bing Goei in the Republican Primary for the 76th District of the State House.

Byron Township and Caledonia Township had a couple of the closer races of the election.

  • In Caledonia, Bryan Harrison beat Walter Bujak for Township Supervisor, 962-959.
  • In Byron Township, the three-way race for Township Supervisor had Audrey Nevins-Weiss winning with 1,105 (34%), followed by Michael Brock with 1,065 (33%) and Paul Houseman with 1,062 (33%).