We need to all come together to help fight hunger in West Michigan.  It is a much bigger problem than anyone lets on.

There are food banks open to those in need, and people are donating food through many collection drives, but, there is another way communities are helping to fight hunger in West Michigan.   It's through community garden projects.

Our news partner, WZZM TV13 reports that the Baxter Neighborhood is going the extra mile with a greenhouse that teaches residents how not only how to garden but they provide canning classes so they can have access to their healthy fruits and vegetables all year long.

The program also provides nutrition courses that talk about how healthy eating can reduce heart disease and diabetes.

The produce is distributed to 50 home gardeners and five-community partners. If you live in the Baxter neighborhood there is a strawberry jamboree family picnic in Joe Taylor Park being held this Thursday from 4-7pm.

Pretty cool, folks.  Let's keep it growing!