High temperatures are hitting over 60 degrees today in West Michigan.

The warm weather brings outdoor fun for some and more work for others.

Kent County workers are taking advantage of today's warm temperatures by getting out and patching potholes.

Today's work is just one small piece of the long road ahead to fill the holes winter has left behind. All of the road repair work has become costly too.

Woodtv.com reports:

About 30 crew members from the Kent County Road Commission are expected to be out filling potholes Monday, since more potholes may be on the way.

Jerry Byrne with the Kent County Road Commission said the frost is about four feet deep in the asphalt, so any rain that falls will have nowhere to drain, creating a soft base and more potholes.

A lot of the potholes have been patched six or more times, but without consistently warmer, drier weather, Byrne said the cold patch will only last a day or so.

Byrne said they’re already $2.5 million over their winter budget. The state stepped in with $1.8 million, but Kent County is still in the hole.

Let's enjoy the warmer temperatures while we have them and look forward to some improved roads around West Michigan.

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