All it takes is one really good year weather wise to see the wisdom of holding the Festival of the Arts the first full weekend in June.  2011 was that year.  An estimated 400,000 people came downtown for the three day arts festival and were treated to some of the best weather of the year.  It was the first time since 2004 that Festival has been dry.

“Everyone just got into it. Everyone just had such a good time,” co-chair Joanne Bailey-Boorsma  said. “We felt like once it hits June, it's going to get warmer. It couldn't rain any more, right? The weather all weekend has been beautiful. If it gets too hot, people go to the beach. If it gets to cold, people stay away. This is just about right.”


Food sales Friday and Saturday  enjoyed a 22 percent increase over last year.  I don't want to admit this, but i might be partly responsible for the nice weather downtown.  Every year that I have broadcast at festival, it has rained.  Guess I picked a good weekend to stay home!