In the past, if you wanted to purchase an ArtPrize entry, it was up to you to do the work to connect with the artist.

This year, ArtPrize is making it easy to buy ArtPrize entries.

Price tags on entries and artists pushing sales have not been entirely uncommon at ArtPrize in the past.

This year, for the first time ever at ArtPrize, artists who wish to sell their entry can do so through a simple link at

Get started searching ArtPrize entries and artists here.  Once you find a piece you are interested in, click on it.

If that entry is for sale, the upper right corner of the artist/entry page will feature an "inquire" button.  Click on the "inquire" button to begin the process of purchasing the entry.

ArtPrize Public Relations Director Brian Burch explains the new feature:

It allows artists to list the sale price of their work, and ArtPrize to help facilitate those sales.

While art sales is not the focus of the ArtPrize event, we know nearly 20 percent of artists sell their work during or as a result of their participation in ArtPrize.

The new option is great news for ArtPrize artists and fans!

Time to make more space on the floor and wall...

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