The West Michigan Whitecaps are rebuilding their ballpark following the fire back in January and preparing for their season. As part of that, they're doing a lot of things and asking for the public's input.

First, they asked fans to design their jerseys for Social Media Night. Then, they asked for suggestions for the name of their new mascot. Now, they want the public to vote for which new food item they should add to their menu for the coming season. 

For the fifth year in a row the Whitecaps are letting you, the fans, help them choose a new food item to serve up for 2014. You can vote for your favorite between now and March 7th at Midnight, and the winner will be announced later in March.

This year's possible additions are some of the more interesting that we've seen from the Whitecaps, ranging from unique burgers to interesting takes on breakfast food. Here's what you can choose from:

1. Apollo Pockets
Straight from the top of Mount Olympus, the Greek god of the sun brought his favorite snack to a ballpark. 300 Spartan soldiers would gladly defend its title of the top tasting option on this list. Feisty Feta cheese spread stuffed into a full sized pita and deep fried (of course).
2. Auger Dogger
If you've ever want a hot dog on a stick but thought the corndog was a bit dainty. This is a Hot Dog that won't leave you spuddering. A hot dog on a stick encircled with crispy fried spiral potato chips.
3. Burnin Bacon Dog
The bacon is what brings you in, but the sriracha and jalapenos make you think twice… before AND after. This is the hot dog that will put some hair on your chest. All Beef Hot Dog wrapped in a slice of thick bacon and topped with Sriracha sauce and jalapenos placed on a deli bun.
4. Chaco Bäco
The bacon sensation that swept the nation is back and better than ever! Combined with the only thing that might be better then bacon, chocolate! This food item makes two worlds collide! With a limited supply every game, these dessert Chaco Bäcos won't last long. When they're gone, they're gone! Bacon taco shell coated in chocolate and filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with sprinkles. (1670 calories)
5. Mamma Mia!
Take one of the most beloved Italian dishes of all time, dump it in a fryer, and we dare you not to say "Mamma mia!" after tasting this awesome creation. This one is sure to make Mario and Luigi proud. Lasagna noodles with ricotta cheese, battered in funnel cake batter, fried until brown, and served with marinara sauce.
6. North of the Border Burger
What's better than a hamburger without gravy? A hamburger with gravy! Poutine is a Canadian delicacy, made of French Fries, gravy and cheese curds and can be found in pubs and bars across Canada. Hamburgers are an American delicacy made of grilled ground beef on a bun, invented by Uncle Sam himself and one of the top food items on the 4th of July. Together they combine to form a Poutine burger, a culinary handshake between nations. A Cattleman's burger, French fries, cheese curds, and gravy on a burger bun (1440 calories).
7. Poor Richard
Once you try this modern take on a traditional meal, you will feel like the wealthiest person in town, if not the heaviest. All beef hot dog topped with mashed potatoes and gravy. (940 calories)
8. Pop Tart BLT
What happens when you don't have time for breakfast, to busy for lunch and brunch isn't even an option? Combine the best of all three and your mouth is going to thank you. Two brown sugar pop tarts, bacon, lettuce, tomato slice.
9. Sleeping Bear Dunes Sundae
One of the greatest landmarks in northern Michigan comes to the ballpark as a dessert. Massive drifting dunes of Sea Salt Carmel ice cream with sleepy Teddy Graham topping, it's a vacation served in a full sized batting helmet! (10,000 + calories).
10. Waffle Pizza
For the person who loves an Italian pie for breakfast but doesn't have any of last night's pizza in the fridge. Pizza dough, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese mixed together and cooked into the shape of a waffle. Served with marinara sauce for dipping.