It takes a lot to prepare for a new Pope.  That includes a whole new set of clothing, in multiple sizes, delivered before the start of the conclave.

The Vatican's tailor is preparing clothes in sizes small, medium, and large to ensure the perfect fit.

Gammarelli tailor shop has been fitting Popes for two centuries.  Their latest clothes are already set to go.

USA Today explains:

Gammarelli's on Monday displayed three sets of white vestments — small, medium and large — to be shipped to the Vatican for the new pope following Benedict XVI's resignation last week.

"We need to deliver these three garments before the conclave starts because obviously we cannot enter inside the conclave once it started," tailor Lorenzo Gammarelli said Monday.

A white silk "zucchetto," or skullcap, lay on a bed of red cloth in the window, as did a white sash with golden fringes and a pair of red leather shoes.

Tucked behind the Pantheon in downtown Rome, the Gammarelli shop has served scores of cardinals and popes since 1798.