It was a great win last night for our beloved U.S. Men's National Soccer Team in the World Cup, but why are they dressed like Domino's delivery drivers from the '80s?

Like many of you, I spent a few months delivering pizza for Domino's for extra cash in the '80s. That's why I was stunned to see the uniform I was forced to wear on the U.S. soccer team last night.

Here's U.S. soccer player John Brooks, who scored the game-winning goal Monday night in the 2-1 win over Ghana.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images


And here's a guy working for Domino's in early 1990s.


Again, a U.S. soccer jersey from a Boston celebration.

Paul Marotta/Getty Images


A jacket for someone who worked for Domino's in the '80s that's for sale on eBay.