You heard the good news, right? Twinkies are coming back to store shelves!

Okay, truth be told, I haven't had a Twinkie in a long time. But just the thought of NOT being able to have one really made me want one. Was it the same for you?

Anyway, Hostess is bringing them back. Why did they even go away, you ask? Well, I'll try to make this a quick explanation. The original Hostess company went bankrupt last year and sold off various brands to various new investors; the new "Twinkie" company is called "Hostess Brands LLC" and is owned by a company which turned around Chef Boyardee, Bumble Bee, Pabst and others.

Mmmmm, Twinkies. I'm looking forward to July 15th!

Twinkies: Comics Lied!