Thursday, many turkeys will find their way into an oven.  I know it will in our house.  However, it won't be "brined."  That's the outcome of yesterdays question, 'to brine or not to brine?'  I went on the air today and got some very good tips, so here is what I'll try, a cooking bag and cooking upside down.  The breast should be very juicy and the dark meat cooked well.  Everybody wins!  I get my flavor and my wife gets less salt.

I guess I could have called Butterball because they always have their famous hotline open for questions and problems.  They call it the 'Turkey Talk-line" and they try to solve all issues, turkey.  You just call 1-800-BUTERBALL.

They do get the 'darndest' calls, though, and they're hysterical.  One lady called to ask for help because she had kept her turkey outside in the snow since there was no room in the fridge.  Unfortunately it snowed overnight and she had no idea where the turkey was.

Here are some other actual questions from people.  You can't make this stuff up.

"What's the best kind of stuffing to shoot from a cannon?"

"How can I be sure it's dead?"

"Given the current market, am I better off renting a turkey?"

"Can I buy an extended warranty for my turkey?"

"I've never cooked a turkey it like cooking a raccoon?"

And last but not least, "If I put my smartphone in the turkey, can you tell me it it's done?"

Happy Thanksgiving!