West Michigan continues to gain national recognition for all we have to offer.

Sometimes the recognition given is for something we've known for a long time...this is one of those cases.

Holland's Tulip Time has been named among the top flower festivals in the world!

Tulip Time was 1 of 10 flower festivals named to the list by MSN.  Festivals in Thailand, Columbia, Italy, and Washington D.C. (National Cherry Blossom Festival) also made the list.

Tulip Time runs May 4 - 11, but preparations began last fall.

Thousands will attend and view a fantastic display since, unlike last year, the weather has been cooperative!

Msn.com talks about Tulip Time:

Tulip Time Festival, which has been feted annually in early May since 1929, is, of course, a celebration of the hundreds of thousands of tulips that bloom there, but it’s also a cultural festival that honors 19th-century Dutch culture with traditional foods, dancing, crafts, kids’ games, music, and an entire week’s worth of activities.

Congrats to Tulip Time on the well-deserved recognition.

Looking forward to warm weather and tulips in May!

Make plans for Tulip Time and learn how you can participate here!

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