He's wears the sweater vest than has been the thorn in the University of Michigan's side the last seven years.  Well the sweater of Ohio State University Football Coach Jim Tressel may be unraveling as the NCAA notified the school Monday it was going after the coach for "lying and withholding information" so five of his star athletes could continue to play.  The players, including QB Terrell Pryor, have been suspended for five games next season for selling OSU jerseys and championship rings in exchange for cash and tattoos from a Columbus tattoo parlor owner.  That is against the NCAA rules.  In March,Ohio State suspended Tressel after finding out the coach knew about the violations and did not tell anyone.  The big problem for Tressel and Ohio State happened months earlier on September 13.

That's when he dated and then signed his name on a one-page NCAA form that declared he had reported any violations he knew of to his superiors.

At that point, Tressel not only knew about the memorabilia sales by quarterback Terrelle Pryor and others, but had made numerous phone calls and sent emails to other people about it. Even after Pryor and the others were punished, it wasn't until confronted with the emails in January that Tressel admitted to NCAA and school officials that a violation had occurred.

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The NCAA minced no words Monday....saying the coach "failed to deport himself...(with) honesty and integrity."  What's next for the Buckeye mentor is a hearing August 13.   The ruler makers could throw the book at him and suspend him for an even longer period of time and/or level more penalties against the Buckeyes. Right now the University is standing behind it's successful coach, but that could change in August.  I don't suggest throwing stones, the glass house (stadium) at your favorite school could come crashing down in a heartbeat.  We'll just have to see how this plays out.  Michigan and other Big Ten schools might see a different Buckeye coach on the sideline soon and he probably won't wear a sweater vest!