Friday night is the big night.  The holiday concert everybody waits for.  The sensory-overload of music, light, lasers, smoke, flying musicians and more from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra has built its holiday reputation on theatrical progressive rock shows with spins on various classical themes. Their three Christmas albums have, of course, shaped their annual holiday tour.  Each album has sold over a million copies.  And, concert audiences have grown to over a million per year as well.

Remember 10 years ago when they began in DeVos Performance Hall?  Whew!  Thank goodness for Van Andel Arena.  The performance hall couldn't take the beating.

Better buckle your seat belts because it's a thrill ride!  The show is a real “rock theater” concept — high standards of singing and musicianship and special effects from the world of rock music, along with storytelling from Broadway on the TSO traveling concert stage.

Only two show Friday, at 4 and 8:30.  If you don't have your tickets you'd better get them.  Each year they sell out.  You can get tickets at the Van Andel Arena box office, and Ticketmaster.

Just in case you haven't seen the Trans-Siberian Orchestra before, here's a video of their Christmas Jam.  Buckle up!