Everyone has played a Kazoo at one time or another.  Maybe it was yesterday, maybe it was a decade ago.  Regardless of the time elapsed, TODAY is your day to pick up that old Kazoo, dust it off and crank out a tune.

January 28th is NATIONAL KAZOO DAY!

From NationalKazooDay.com:

National Kazoo Day occurs annually (although in some regions, more often) on or about January 28 - or whenever it is convenient to the kazooist. As stated by founder Chaplin Willard Rahn of the Joyful Noise Kazoo Band at the Homewood Retirement Home in Williamsport, Maryland, "After all, we have to be flexible."  Many kazooists choose the fourth Thursday in January because it's handy.

Kazoo lovers across America continue the campaign to make the kazoo America's official musical instrument. Everyone is invited to join the effort and support the campaign.

Need a refresher?  Learn to play the Kazoo...
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