I have an emotional attachment to Paczki, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to eat one today.  Don't get me wrong,  "the Polish donuts" are tasty, but they pack the equivalent of an entire day's calories.  Back in the day my grandmother, or "Bushie" or we called her , made them from scratch, but they were filled with prunes instead of  the various fruit fillings.  I loved the big donut, but avoided the prunes.

Bushie would use all of her lard, sugar, flour, eggs and prunes before fasting began on Ash Wednesday. It was the way her mother did it and her grandmother and so on.  A nice healthy dose of religion and tradition.
But these new  paczki (poonsch-ski's) are nothing like what Bushie used to make.  Taste Great!  Lots of Filling!  Like everything else, they are made to sell!  And the generous folks from Meijer and Family Fare always make sure we have ample Paczki's  to eat on Fat Tuesday.  So do I eat one or not? As of 11:00 AM the answer is "not".  Don't bet the farm that I hold out the whole day.

Note from Gene:  It's 2pm and the lunchroom is out of Paczki.  Looking good, if I just avoid the grocery store!

11:37 PM:  Whew!  I made it!  Just goes to show you,  I can look, but not touch!