Taking a trip to the beach at Lake Michigan is a fun summertime tradition in West Michigan, but a few college students are looking for a little more adventure this summer.

The students are preparing to cross Lake Michigan on a paddle board.





WZZM has more:

Craig and Trent Masselink and Ginny Melby are paddling from Milwaukee to Norton Shores starting Sunday. The trio will take turns paddling as the other two follow alongside in a boat stocked with supplies.

The goal of the trip is to raise money for Restore International, an organization that combats human rights violations around the world.

The voyage will take about 30 hours and cover more than 80 miles.

If successful, they would become the first to cross this part of Lake Michigan on a paddle board.

Learn more about Restore International and what you can do to help.

Good luck to all three brave paddleboarders!

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