I’ve been seeing a forwarded status floating around on social media about a group of people trying to make this Halloween “Kill A Pit Bull Day”. I’m usually kind of skeptical when I see these things, so I went to my most trusted source when it comes to these kinds of things to find out if this was for real.

You’ve probably seen it, too. People posting this status:

WARNING! Don’t plan on your four-legged friends walking around with you on Halloween this year. KEEP ALL DOGS LOCKED IN A HOUSE. October 31 (Halloween night) is trying to become national “Kill A Pit bull Day”. Not only are pit bulls part of this “holiday”, any breed is fair game. Especially look alike breeds.

Generally that status is accompanied by this screenshot of someone else's status encouraging people to participate in the holiday.


This entire thing is a hoax. This claim started in 2012 and was an elaborate prank aimed at a Terry Jordan, a city councilman in Slater, Missouri. He was trying to pass animal legislation in his city that started our targeting pit bulls specifically.

Jordan was horrified by the claims and has never suggested violence against pit bulls.

So, if you see this story floating around on your Facebook feed, link your friends to this article (or the one on snopes.com). No one is out to get your animals this Halloween, but you should always be sure to keep them safe.