There are some things in life that, for me, just don't belong.  Veggie Burgers. Smart Cars. Stretchy Pants.  And one more that I just read about...a Corvette fueled by vegetable oil.

I mean, I'm all for the green energy thing. We, collectively, are really bad at being good stewards of our environment.  One of my greatest concerns is that our planet will run out of natural resources, or at the very least, we'll destroy the planet looking for increasingly scarce resources.

But...this is a Corvette.  It should make noise and have exhaust that smells like the result of air/fuel combustion.  It should go fast and squeal the tires.  In some cases, it should be driven by a 50 or 60-something dude with a comb over, ex-wife, young girlfriend and a mid-life crisis (yes that was a horrible stereotype, but it made me laugh).

So, although I'm concerned about the planet and our future ... I'm not a fan of the veggie-powered Corvette.

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