Now that the election is over we can take some time off from all of the bickering that goes along with campaigning, right?

Not quite.  It never really stops.

4 years from now it will be time to change again and there's one six-year-old who is campaigning on a platform we can all agree with.

Forget about red state/blue state.  Let's try something different.

How about a pink state?  Or a pink state with purple polka dots?

There's a six-year-old girl who can lead us down this promising and colorful path.  She has my vote, but I am partial. She's my daughter.

Recently her first grade class was given a homework assignment:  What would you do if you were president?  She has a great platform.  As president she promises to:

  • Be kind.
  • Be thoughtful.
  • Be honest.


And just like real politicians she has illustrated her points.  Not through long-winded statements that don't say anything at all.  But through illustrations.  Literally.


Matt Milhouse


"I would be kind."

See our future president rushing over to help up someone who just fell down and scraped their knees.





Matt Milhouse



"I will be thoughtful."

Here our future president has shared a ball with someone who was sad because they couldn't play.





Matt Milhouse



"I would be honest."

Not sure exactly what our future president has done. Maybe spilled a glass of milk?  But note how quick she is to admit to her wrongdoing.





I like all of her points, but that last one is the best.  "I would be honest".

Not "I promise to say what you want to hear to get your vote then once I'm elected I will do what I and/or my donors wish".  She says, "I would be honest".

She has my vote.

Now we just have to get rid of that pesky minimum age restriction.


Matt Milhouse