Happy Friday.  Great day for all of us.  Eve of the weekend, etc.  Payday for some.   Time for a couple days off to enjoy a summer weekend.  Do you need a break?  Looks like a lot of do.

Many bosses believe their employees are growing tired of the grind.  Nearly half of the employers taking part in a new CareerBuilder survey say they're seeing indications that a number of their workers are experiencing job "burn out."  And the boss just might be right.  More than three-quarters of the employees taking part in the poll admit to feeling burned out on the job at least some of the time.  Over 40-percent add that their job-related stress has increased over the past six months, and 46-percent say their workload has gone up.  Just eight-percent say they have less to do at work these days.  Three out of ten employees noticed that productivity among their staff went up with the recession, which they believe grew from the workers' concerns over losing their jobs.  Nearly three-quarters add that their workers have sustained that increased level of productivity, while 14-percent say their employees' productivity has continued to go up.