Good news, parents! Scientists have figured out the magic word for you to use if you want to get your kids to do chores!

Surprisingly, it isn't "please" or "NOW!", it's much simpler. 

Turns out, the word you need to use is "helper."  This comes to us from researchers from Stanford, the University of Washington, and the University of California in San Diego.

The researchers studied 150 kids between the ages of three and six, and asked them for help using different phrases, to determine which one was more effective.

When they said things like, "Some children choose to be helpers" or, "You could be a helper if someone has a job for you," the kids were more likely to do the chores than when the researchers asked them for help.

The researchers say, "When you use the noun 'helper', [it's] a description that points to a child's basic character and identity, [so] they're more motivated to prove that it's true."