The CDC has posted a blog entry about general emergency preparedness, and Left 4 Dead fans among others will love the fact that they used a zombie apocalypse as an example.

It's a story line similar to many horror films that have been popular for decades. A meteor or alien medical ship crashes on Earth or an evil witch or demon casts a spell, and the next thing you know, the dead are walking around as zombies, biting and infecting ever more people and turning them into still more zombies. How inconvenient.

The horror film protagonists are forced to flee or arm themselves and fight off the growing horde of formerly human locomotive cadavers.

Of course, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are fully aware that there's no such thing as Voodoo zombie magic and a dead body can't really re-animate like in the movies, except of course Weekend at Bernie's, but being prepared for the worst possible scenario you can think of is the best policy, so they invoked the brain-eaters on this one.

Here's the link to the CDC blog.