The swallows return to Capistrono and the Buzzards will come back to Hinkley, Ohio, but when the butterflies start blooming at the Frederick Meijer Gardens, we'll know Spring is not far behind in West Michigan.  The annual Butterflies are Blooming exhibition officially open tomorrow, March 1.Thousands of tropical butterflies emerge and fly in the five-story Tropical Conservatory.  Over the last 15 years, I've seen the exhibit five times.  It's getter better every year.  For the first time, this year the exhibition will show the entire lifecycle of these beautiful insects.

“Our visitors have always been interested in the entire butterfly lifecycle and now they’ll be able to see it happening right in front of their eyes,” said Steve LaWarre, Director of Horticulture. “The exhibition will show butterfly eggs on host plants, larvae hatching from those eggs and eating their way to full caterpillar status then shedding their skin and pupating – forming the chrysalis from which the butterfly emerges.”

Meijer Gardens Press Release

The exhibit runs thru April 30th.