The Big House at the University of Michigan may be getting bigger.  Rumors are flying the Football Stadium in Ann Arbor would add about 6,000 seats in the near future.  U of M Athletic Director Dave Brandon said the school was looking at possbily adding a "few seats".  A recruit said last week the expansion might be reality.  Prize Linebacker  Joe Bolden has 22 schools interested in him.  He was impressed by Michigan's facilities.

"They are definitely up there on the list," Bolden said of the Wolverines. "The facilities are impressive. Both indoor fields are as long as the outdoor grass and outdoor turf fields. Then you just walk into the Big House and look from side to side — 115,000 people are screaming for you on a Saturday. There is probably no feeling like it. They told me that they were going to add about 6,000 seats. That's definitely an impressive thing."

The Detroit News