Unlike film and television, radio can't draw you in with visual elements. It's all in the sound. Of course, delivery and content are important. But the person talking needs to sound good, right? But what really is it that makes someone sound "good"? An article on msnbc.com sheds some light:

Half of what makes any movie star a movie star is delivery. An actor’s voice is what remains when Hollywood stops calling with young-sex-symbol roles, and it’s what keeps many actors employed when the next generation of power players forget that they were once able to open a movie with just their face. Just watch the trailer for the new movie "Unknown," featuring that raspy purr of Liam Neeson, and see if you don't want to keep on listening to him talk.

If you’re listening carefully, you find that the voices we gravitate toward, the most appealing to our ears, fall into a handful of camps.

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So who are your favorite celebrity voices? Besides Andy & Chuck :)