I don't know about your house, but at mine, we're slowly working out the menu for Thanksgiving.

I know, it's late, but we hate to rush anything.  (Har, har, har!)

That being said, we're also picking out the wine.  I always want a good wine to serve with appetizers, and another, or two, to serve with dinner.

So, what to choose?  I have my favorites, but many people have trouble with this.  There are so many to choose from, price might be an issue, and it can get confusing.


Grand Rapids Women's Lifestyle Magazine has just the thing for the "confused" out there.  An article from Bruce Sanderson of Wine Spectator.  Here is an expert that may be able to clarify the situation.

Bruce says, “I like the versatility that turkey brings to wine selection. You can match both reds and whites, although reds tend to go better with the dark meat.” Roasted turkey breast offers a subtle flavor that goes well with many wines. Food and wine pairing becomes more difficult when taking into account the many strong accompaniments. For example, full-flavored sausage stuffing, rich gravy, acidic cranberry sauce/salsa and the bold tastes of Brussels sprouts, pearl onions and sweet potatoes, all affect wine choice. Add to the diverse menu the varied tastes of your guests: some prefer only white wine, others prefer only red, some like sweet wines while other guests will not indulge in any wines other than dry.

Bruce goes on to sort out whites from reds, and you can link HERE for all of the information.