Kim Zolciak, the platinum blonde with the wigs and the "singing career" on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"  recently shared her  favorite parenting tip with Us Weekly. The mom of three (with the fourth on the way) says she keeps a wooden spoon in her purse at all times, "For my kids if they get fresh. I've never used it; I just pull it out and they know I'm serious." Wow, really?! Inspired by this, Redbook put together a list of the worst pieces of parenting advice they've ever received. 

Readers wrote in to Redbook to share these preposterous bits of "wisdom":


"Don't reach above your head when you're pregnant, or the baby's cord will get tangled around his or her neck." - Karla


"Don't tell the daycare that your kids have autism!" - Mary

"Give your newborn water when he wakes up in the middle of the night so that he will learn that it wasn't worthwhile to wake up." - Rebecca

"Squirt your kids with water when they misbehave, just as you would with a pet you are training. Squirt, squirt!" - Kymberly

"When my older daughter was 6 months old, I was nursing her, and she bit me with her brand new tooth—hard enough to draw blood. One of my co-workers told me to bite her back. My 6-month-old! The thought of actually biting my child makes me sick to my stomach." - Michelle

"Hit your kid to teach him/her that hitting is bad." - Alexandra

Pretty bad, huh? What's the worst parenting advice you've ever heard?