Well this is depressing!  Then over the weekend, I read a piece on "things that kids born today won't ever use or even know about."  And they weren't talking about things that have come and gone during OUR lifetime, like phone books, VCR/VHS and others.  This list focused on things that we're using RIGHT NOW that will eventually be outdated...

Here it is:

Wired Internet

Hmmmm.  Very true.  Remember when we had to use DIAL-UP?  Yikes.  Now it's not uncommon for an office or home to be completely wireless.

"Stand Alone" Camera's/Camcorders

Yep, I thought about this.  When was the last time you used a separate camera?  It's so easy to hit the camera on your phone.


Well, we've already seen homes without any landline.  Businesses probably aren't far behind, but I still like having a landline at my desk!

Remote Controls

Remember we we actually had to walk to the TV to change channels?  (How about waiting for the tubes to warm up?)  Eventually, we'll be changing channels from our phones or something else.

Desktop Computers

There's already been a decline in desktop computer purchases, migrating to laptops and iPads.

Prime-time TV

Ahhh, yes.  We used to rush to the TV to catch our favorite show at the designated time.  The VCR made that less of an issue; then the DVR came along and made it even easier.  Enter webstreaming and on-demand content (we have XFINITY from Comcast and LOVE it!)...suddenly the idea of "prime time" viewing seems very archaic.

Fax Machines

Who the hell uses a fax machine anymore?  In our office, we scan documents and email them to our recipients.  Can't remember the last time I actually sent a fax!

What do you have to add to the list?  Email me!

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