With the Grand Rapids Taylor Swift show at Van Andel Arena still fresh in everybody's mind, it's hard to think of this mega-superstar having time to do anything other that write, record and perform her music.  She's a wonderful storyteller and her lyrics hit home with so many  fans.

But, she has to have some down time, and music can't consume all of her life.  So, what does Taylor Swift like, movies, TV...what?   She's a voracious reader.  Not romance novels, or mysteries, either.  She loves American history!

"I just read a 900-page book called The Kennedy Women, which dates back to the lineage of the first Kennedys coming from Ireland in the 1800s," Swift says in the new issue of Rolling Stone, on sale tomorrow. "This morning I bought books about John Adams, Lincoln’s Cabinet, the Founding Fathers and Ellis Island."

During downtime from her tour she even attempted to visit the New York Historical Society. "But it was closed," she says. "I almost cried." Instead, she went to the Museum of Natural History.  "We saw the dinosaurs and stuff," she says.  "Which was a close second."

She's also become very interested in music from the past. "I've been obsessed with Fifties and Sixties music, like the Shirelles and the Beach Boys," she says. "Like 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' – if I ever had a wedding, I'd walk down the aisle to that song."