Who says we are concerned about the things we report to the IRS?   Really, what are the odds of an audit?

Six out of ten people taking part in the OfficeMax 2011"Tax it to Me" survey admit they're worried about being audited.  By comparison, 35-percent are less nervous about going to the doctor for a physical, 39-percent are less anxious about a performance review at work, and 40-percent feel more comfortable about cutting their own hair than filing their own taxes.  Still, 46-percent file their own returns.  Of those who turn to someone else, 34-percent enlist the services of a professional accountant while 14-percent turn to a family member or friend for help.  Just over half of the men, but 42-percent of women are inclined to file their own taxes.  But among those who turn to someone else for help, 38-percent of women go to an accountant, while just 33-percent of the men also seek assistance from a tax professional.