Millie is a Pool Shark at age 101 [Video]
Shooting pool is something that has been a part of my life since I was a little boy.  My grandfather had a pool table and I remember Tuesday night family dinners that would end up in the pool room for a family 'shoot out.' I've played pool since I was old enough to hold a cue sti…
WZZM Brings Home the Emmy’s
Congratulations to our news partner, WZZM TV13 for winning multiple Emmy Awards over the weekend.
Needless to say, they are very proud, and reported to us that the Michigan chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded ten Emmy Awards to WZZM 13 journalists Saturday night in…
Grand River Flooding Expected To Get Worse [VIDEO]
Flooding in Michigan Rivers, including the Grand River through Grand Rapids, is expected to get get worse in the next 72 hours. One to three inches of new rain is expected to send flood stages well above normal levels by the weekend. The area has already experienced above average rainfall totals, co…
Sunday Morning Townsquare – March 24 2012
This week on Sunday Morning Townsquare, Paul speaks with:

George Lessens, WZZM 13 Meteorologist
Gretchen Johnson, Pine Rest Mother and Baby Program

Thanks for listening!

George Lessens, WZZM 13

George and I chat about the young age he developed is passion for weather, some of the early weather events th…
Happy 176th Birthday Michigan!
Today is Michigan's 176th birthday. January 26, 1837 Michigan was admitted as the 26th state of the union. And Michiganders all over the state will be celebrating!
West Nile Virus is Becoming Epidemic in Michigan
Last week I wrote a blog regarding the West Nile Virus, and the seemingly epidemic proportion of it around the country, especially in Dallas, Texas.  At that time, we had 24 confirmed cases in Michigan and we were being cautioned to take care.  There were 5 Kent County cases.  Well to…
Katie Couric To WZZM
Did you see Katie Couric is landing a new daytime talk show on ABC. Let's see, she spend all those years on NBC's Today Show. She fled for a ton of money -- but no viewers -- at CBS Evening News. Today, she says she is all about daytime talk on ABC...

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