Funny Tweets By Parents the Week Of March 11
Another week, another batch of tweets by parents that would surely horrify their children if they were old enough to read. Parents this week hit Twitter with their frustrations over Daylight Savings Time and the embarrassing things their kids say in public...
Sistine Seagull On Twitter
As the world awaits a new pope, a seagull has been providing a little entertainment for those who are watching the chimney for white or black smoke.
The Sistine Seagull is now on Twitter and has a lot to say!
Funny Tweets By Parents The Week Of March 4
The popularity of social networking has given parents all new ways to embarrass their offspring, and often in hilarious fashion. Our favorite funny tweets by parents this week perfectly captured the frustration (and humiliation) that comes along with parenting...
Facebook Fatigue? Many People Have It
I was talking on the air yesterday morning about Facebook, and how I wondered if you were becoming bored with it, or at least bored with some of the comments and pictures people post.
The results were interesting, because I found I wasn't alone.  At least as far as hoping people would use it more con…
Vacationing IT Consultant Unknowingly Live Tweets bin Laden’s Death
Sohaib Athar was vacationing in the mountains outside of Abbottabad, Pakistan, late Sunday night when he heard the sounds of helicopters closing in.
The IT consultant had his laptop with him, so he began live-tweeting what we now know were U.S. special forces descending upon Osama bin Laden's hideou…
Is Twitter Spoiling American Idol???
This year American Idol is doing something a little different but it may come back to bite them.  This year “the big bosses” at Fox gave all of the “American Idol” contestants a Twitter account.  Those little Twitter accounts just might be the BIG Spo…
Crazy Celeb Twitter Pics
Katy Perry with no makeup, Jimmy Fallon impersonating the Biebs, Mike Tyson kissing a pigeon-- see the pics celebrities are posting on Twitter on .

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