Time to Spring Forward This Weekend [Infographic]
Remember to set those clocks forward Saturday night as daylight saving time returns at 2 a.m. EST Sunday.
With the change, it is going to be lighter sooner. That means changes in routines a bit, whether that's driving, bicycling or walking.
Kids handling spring chicks? Beware of Salmonella.
Spring chicks become very popular each Easter.
Many children see them or handle them in feed or pet stores. Some families bring spring chicks home and raise them.
The Michigan Department of Agriculture reminds us of the risks of handling live poultry.
Which Season Is Your Favorite?
Back-to-school time is quickly approaching and with it comes the end of summer.  As we prepare for the first official day of fall on September 22, many are trying to squeeze all the fun out of each remaining day of warm West Michigan weather.
We all need to get to the beach and in the pool as much as…
Do We Need A Better Reason For A Good Mood.
Sunshine, Friday, Payday....312 million dollars to a single winner.... what will it take to put you in a good mood.  Me, I'm feeling good about warmer weather, the golf season, my summer clothes.   Maybe the anticipation of getting tax money back has me in a better mood...