photo by gene parker

Please Call Me Betty!
Betty White has been coming to my house for years. First it was Concentration, then the Mary Tyler Moore Show, the Golden Girls, Saturday NIght Live and finally Hot in Cleveland.  I wasn't surprised at all when she turned out to be a warm witty lady who could brighten up a room with her &…
Snow! Who Needs It!
I'm trying hard not to think about driving home in the snow tonight.  I don't want to even think about shoveling the driveway.  So, for about 30 seconds I'm visualizing a family vacation to Hawaii.  It might work.  I've nothing to lose...
Just Relax And Enjoy The Ride
I was sitting in traffic Friday night trying to get home  and back downtown before my shift began at 8.  The roads were slippery,  but I was in a hurry.