new year's resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions a Success or Bust?
Are you making a New Year's resolution? Did you know that about 60% of us do make New Year's resolutions, but statistics show that only about 8% of us follow through. I'm there. Still, year after year, we keep making them – hoping this is the year we will make it happen. Is that…
What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?
Counting down to the New Year is fun!  Usually.
The countdown to midnight is fun.  The countdown to eating better and exercising is a drag.
Why not make a fun New Year's resolution?  What's yours?
It’s A New Year!
Happy New Year!
The holidays were fun,'s Back to reality!
There is a beauty of having the holidays off.  It's a chance to relax...sort be with family and friends.  It goes by too quickly, but it did become a wonderful R&R period.  Now, back to…